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We are 3 adults planning to travel to Paris on Thursday, August 2nd. We will be reaching the CDG airport on Thursday evening and are staying around Pantin. we will be staying till Monday. We are planning to take metro/bus/rer to go around central Paris. Also we are planning to visit Chateau de versailles. Do you think Navigo Découverte will be the best pass? will that cover our travel from CDG airport (in RER B and bus ) to central Paris and also the travel from central Paris to versailles in RER C. 
Also, will I be able to purchase Navigo Découverte at the CDG airport. Is it possible to purchase the pass online.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Staff July 26, 2018

Navigo Decouverte is always the best pass if you're arriving between Monday - Thursday, even on Thursday evening.  The 4 days use you'll get (Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at 22.80€+5€ card fee is still much cheaper than 3 day (5-zone) + 1 day (3-zone) Paris Visite which is 53.75€ + 12€.
You can purchase Navigo Decouverte at CDG airport for your CDG to Paris train ride.
A single-use RER ticket might be the simplest option to get from Paris to CDG on Monday as Navigo will expire Sunday at midnight.
Unfortunately you cannot buy Navigo Decouverte online, only in person with a photo ready.
You can purchase the single-use ticket for Paris to CDG upon arrival at CDG at the same time you purchase Navigo Decouverte at CDG (which you can do at either CDG airport train station).  This single-use RER ticket does not have to be used on same day of purchase and does not expire.


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