Question re: train Paris to CDG on 7 Jan

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Hi Ben

I think there is slight typo on a page regarding 7 Jan which is easily done. You have Saturday for 7 January

Do you want me to alert you to little things or not? Given that you spend so much time already on what you do it seems like I am not grateful for your work whereas  I am not only appreciative of the work but in awe of how you have made it so easy to read and follow. If you do, let me know via my email what method suits you best
Many thanks

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Staff January 7, 2020

Hi Kathy,
Thanks again for the update / correction.  I'm appreciative of the notices so don't hesitate to send them.  You can contact me directly via email ([email protected]) for those if you'd like.  My response time is a bit better via email.  I had a technical issue with the website yesterday and am only now seeing yesterday's posted questions, but that issue has been resolved.
Thanks again,


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