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Hi.  Your website is excellent and really useful!I have a house in a small village near Chauny and have tickets for the Rugby at the Stade de France on Sunday 2 February.  It seems there are no trains going into Paris that day so my wife will drive me and my friends to somewhere near Paris and it looks like Creil is the best option.  I have tried to find train times for the RER D line but there is nothing after 31 January.  Are the times from Creil to Gare du Nord departing between 10:00 and 12:00 and then returning between 19:00 and 21:00 likely to be the same as they are on Sunday 26 January or do you know if trains on this line will be disrupted due to strikes or maintenance on Sunday 2 February?  Thank you for your help.Gordon Middleton

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Staff January 7, 2020

Hi Gordon,
There are RER D trains from Creil to Stade de France and back, but they are very few and far between as they are affected by strike action, although two of the trains that day may actually work for your schedule.
There's a RER D from Creil to Chatelet les Halles departing Creil at 12:09 arriving at Stade de France at 13:00.  For the return from Stade de France to Creil a RER D train departs Stade de France at 20:58 arriving at Creil at 21:50.
Here's a strike affected schedule for a weekday RER D train from Creil to Chatelet les Halles which if service continues during the strike, could work for Feb. 2, 2020.  But, that's obviously far from guaranteed so having a backup is a good idea.


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