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We are buying Navigo Decouverte passes on a Tuesday. We have a tour in Versailles on Sunday that includes 4 RER tickets to go there from Gare Montparnasse and 4 RER tickets to return.  We don’t need these tickets because we have the Navigo passes.
The following day, our Navigo passes expire but we have to take the metro from Palais Royale to Gare de Lyon to catch the TGV to Avignon. Could the RER tickets be used on the Metro?

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Staff March 29, 2024

Yes you can use those RER tickets (for Paris-Versailles) to get from Palais Royale to Gare de Lyon.  Those RER tickets won't expire and cover any RER/Metro station in Paris transport zone 1 out to Versailles (zone 4), so will also cover your zone 1 to zone 1 Palais Royal - Gare de Lyon trip.


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