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Hi thank you for such a great website! It helps traveling in Paris easier.
I do have a question on metro and bus transfer.
You published that “One ticket t+ is valid for 90 minutes while using buses and trams. You can transfer between both services but you need to revalidate your ticket when boarding a new vehicle.” …. But it looks like every time I revalidate my ticket, I got deducted the travel fare again.
Is it because I’m using Navigo easy. Not the non transferable personal card?
Thank you for your clarification. Merci beaucoup

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Staff March 31, 2023

With the Navigo Easy card and its electronic Ticket t+ the 90 minutes transfer rule "should" apply.
But this is only when transferring bus to bus or tram to tram or bus to tram, all of which need to intersect, and the 90 minute transfer should apply and you won't (or shouldn't) be charged another fare.   If the bus or tram don't cross paths, the transfer is not included.
Metro/RER to bus or tram is also not an included transfer and you will be charged for that.  That has been their rule since the beginning of time.  It's a bizarre and unfortunate policy, as there's a lot of rail-to-bus transfers that would be useful/convenient.
If there's a particular bus & tram you're using that should be considered a valid transfer, post another question with that route and I can ask the RATP staff about why that transfer is not being applied.


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