The best route from our AirBnb to Versailles take the metro and TER N, with the Paris Visite (zone 1-3) will we have to purchase additional tickets for the TER N?

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The best route to Versailles from our AirBnb is to take metro line 13 from Guy Moquet to Gare Montparnasse and then TER N to Gare de Versailles Chantiers. We are going to have the Paris Visite Pass (3 Days Zone 1-3). I believe that we will have to get a separate ticket to get to Versailles. 
Are we able to use the Paris Visite Pass to Gare Montparnasse, and then get separate train tickets between Gare Montparnasse and Gare de Versailles Chantiers? How much are the separate train tickets?

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Staff July 31, 2019

Yes you can use Paris Visite Pass to go from Guy Moquet to Gare Montparnasse then purchase Transilien N tickets (same as RER tickets) for Gare Montparnasse to Versailles Chantiers.  Cost for this ticket is 3.65€ one-way (you can buy return tickets at same time, you'll get a second ticket good for return trip.)


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