Threatened by aggressive ticket controllers

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Anonymous asked June 6, 2022

Absolutely in state of shock and disbelief after we were treated like criminals.  We were on our way to the airport and jumped on the bus but we realised ticket didnt register... it happened in seconds really and we were debating whether we are going to get off to validate a ticket or if we can do this over the phone when a woman in a civil clothes started to talk to us. We honestly thought that she was helping us however she was telling us we need to pay a fine.  There was no ID, no explanation of who she is or what is happening.  She was yelling at us, two male colleagues joined (no identification to show who they are). They REFUSED to talk to us, saying their english is bad ... we were intimidated by them, they asked for our passports, even took one of our passports, threatened with police. They were rude and aggressive, we felt helpless and actually said we do need a police to help... One of the ladies in the near by shop called police as she felt sorry for us but very quickly those 3 \"ticket inspectors\" left and they demanded that we pay 100Euro fine as we questioned them.  I can not tell you how awful the whole experience was.   Police came, listened to us, said we should just ignore the fine, we don\'t need to pay but we are worried if we dont pay 100Euros each, what if that fine goes up or if we end up having a criminal record.... It\'s first and last time for us in Paris.... we were there for few days for a very special occasion but after this we wont be rushing back.  Can someone please advise best way dealing with this? We really dont think we did anythign wrong, in fact we realise that there are so many forums and complaints almost identical to ours.... is this a regular scam for tourists?  pl help... 

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