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Good morning from Greece,
My name is Alex and I have question for you.
Last time i visited paris I used carte hebdomadaire since i arrived on wednesday and i left on sunday. Unfortunately this time I will arrive on saturday morning (15/2) and i will leave on thursday morning (20/2) . I will land at charled de gaulle so I imagine i will need a ticket for the weekend that includes the trip from the airport to paris where is the hotel and the movement for the zones 1-3 in order to move around paris for the weekend. On Monday i suppose I will have to go again somewhere to take the carte hebdomadaire! 
Is this right or you can suggest me another way?
Thank you in advance for your time!

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Staff January 28, 2020

Hi Alex,
For Saturday I would put a Navigo Day pass 1-5 zone (active same day) on your Navigo card to cover CDG Airport to Paris by RER.  Also buy a Navigo Day pass but 1-3 zone, active Sunday, to cover your travels for that day. 
For Monday-Thursday if you will be using the Metro/RER 3-4 times a day, then yes recharge your Navigo card for a week to cover your daily trips & trip from Paris to CDG Airport.
You can buy all 3 recharges to your Navigo (day pass 1-5 zone, day pass 1-3 zone, Navigo week pass) all at the same time when you land at CDG Airport on Saturday.  No need to wait to buy any of the passes.


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