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We were in Paris for 2 days and bought RER ticket from the city to CDG airport from the ticket Office the day before leaving ( á 10,30 = 20.60 euors, 2 tickets ). When we tried to use them next day, they did not work at all. (I kept the tickets in my bag, quite close to the wallet with credit cards over the night, and maybe this caused the problem, but I did not know how to keep them)
I tried to get new tickets from the ticket Office, but it was closed in the Morning, around 8.30, 12th of November, yesterday. I had no other option than buy new tickets and use them. 
My question: because I paid double price to get to the airport, is it possible to get back the price of the tickets not used. If yes, I can send all of them ( 4 tickets ) by mail or scanned and my bank account.
I appreciate very much your answer, either no or yes.
Thank you very much.

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Staff November 13, 2019

Try contacting the city train authority on their customer contact form.  Hopefully they can provide some help.


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