Train between Marne-la-Vallée Chessy and Val d'Europe

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I'm going to Disneyland Paris in a couple months, taking the Eurostar from London to Marne-la-Vallée, but staying by Val d'Europe.  I know the RER A goes between these two, but no matter how I google or search I can not find definitive "get this ticket" kind of answers.  General googling just gets me "Here's how to get around Zone 1 of Paris!", obviously won't help since I'm not going into Paris proper.  I also get "Tourist ticket pack" kind of stuff, which doesn't cover where both these stations are.  Additionally I get "how to get to Disneyland Paris from Paris city center", again... doesn't help.
I'm arriving the day before I go to Disneyland Paris, going for two days, and leaving the same way I came a day after, in total it will be 3 trips from Marne-la-Vallée, and 3 trips to Marne-la-Vallée.  I have no idea if I have to buy an individual ticket for each day, if I can use an app ticket system, or get a physical card (like the London Oyster card).  There seems to be a serious lack of information if you're staying near Val d'Europe.

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Staff July 29, 2022

Marne la Vallée to Val d'Europe on RER train would require a "Billet origine-destination" (a point-to-point ticket) since it's outside Zone 1 (where you could use a regular Ticket t+).
A single ticket for Marne la Vallée - Val d'Europe is 1.95€ as of July 2022.  Your best option is to simply purchase 6 of these tickets in one transaction at Marne la Vallée either at the RER train station ticket window or from an RATP automated ticket vending machine and use them as needed (there is no expiration date on these tickets).
It sounds like you only need 6 tickets so purchasing a booklet (carnet) of ten tickets to get a discount wouldn't make sense in this case.  Also, purchasing a multi-use pass wouldn't make sense due to the cost in acquiring the pass itself (5€), plus you'd need to make more than 6 trips to make a Navigo week pass covering only zones 4-5 worthwhile (which is Marne la Vallée / Val d'Europe) and its validity schedule is strictly Monday to Sunday.
The Paris transit authority's mobile app doesn't support purchasing single RER tickets, so that's not an option.
And the Navigo Easy pre-loaded fare card also doesn't support RER tickets either (due to the station to station nature of RER tickets).


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