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I'm taking my mum and daughter to Paris on Sunday, we're staying in chessy, we would like to visit Central paris on Monday, disneyland on Tuesday and return to cdg Airport on Wednesday. What type of ticket would be the best option financially please, can you get a day pass for multiple journeys for the Monday? Return ticket for the one stop disneyland trip? And single ticket for the airport trip? Also is the train direct from chessy to cdg? Thank you for your help. 

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Staff March 4, 2024

I'm going to price out 2 options: individual tickets + Navigo Day pass vs.  tickets + Navigo week pass.
CDG - Paris - Chessy: 11.80€ + 5€ = 16.80
Chessy - Paris- Chessy: 2€ (Navigo Easy card) + 20.60€ (Navigo Day Pass 1-5 zone)
Disneyland: 0€ (it's in Chessy, not sure how close you are staying to Disney)
Chessy - Paris - CDG: 5€ + 11.80€ = 16.80€
Total cost for individual tickets + Day pass: 56.20€
And then total cost for CDG ticket + Navigo week pass:
RER tickets for CDG - Chessy (Sunday) + Navigo week pass (Monday - Wednesday) = 11.80 + 5€ + 5€ (Navigo card) + 30.85€ (Navigo week) = 52.65€
So it looks like the two options are very similar in price.  For convenience I would go with the CDG - Chessy RER tickets plus Navigo Week pass.  This way you don't have to manage individual tickets and if you make any mistakes, Navigo is unlimited use.
CDG to Marne la Vallee/Chessy is not direct.  You need to take the RER B from CDG to Paris Chatelet les Halles then transfer to RER A for Chatelet les Halles to Marne la Vallee/Chessy to get from Paris to Disneyland on RER.  The only direct train option for CDG to Disneyland is taking a TGV train from CDG 2 - TGV station to Marne la Vallee/Chessy.  You can search for TGV tickets on or for this trip.  Unfortunately (the national rail company ticket website) does not directly sell this trip for some unknown reason.


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