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What is the most efficient transfer between Gare Est and Gare Lyon as we will have 4 pieces of spinner luggage? Perhaps a taxi that can handle that much luggage?

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Staff April 3, 2024

The quickest/least cumbersome transfer would likely be taxi for the four of you, as this avoids the logistics of queueing for Paris Metro ticket purchase, making your way to Metro platform, waiting for train, riding train, ascending to ground level.  Cost would be around 15€.  Travel time you could estimate from Google Maps and of course depends on traffic/rush hour.
Paris taxis are generally large luxury sedans (Mercedes & similar) that should be able to fit 4 suitcases in the trunk and 4 passengers in the car.  There are also vans available if needed.  There are taxi ranks at all the major train stations in Paris, including Gare de l'Est.
Taking Paris Metro or RER would cost 2.15€ each so 8.60€ total.  Travel time (not including ticket queue/purchase) would be at minimum 19 minutes and up to 23 minutes depending on your route.  You could either walk to Gare du Nord (close, like 8 minutes walk) and take a single RER D train from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon (no transfers, 19 minutes total travel including walk).  Or you could take Metro 4 from Gare de l'Est to Chatelet les Halles then transfer to Metro 1 to Gare de Lyon (around 23 minutes).


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