Transfert ticket to another phone

By | April 24, 2024 | in

I live in France. I saw in the last update of IDF mobilités app that we can transfer ticket from a phone to another one.
Some friends from abroad will come to Paris soon. I would like to know if I can purchase 10 tickets t+ (less expensive by ten), and then share with them : 2 for one friend, 2 for another one, etc. 
Thank you ! :)

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Staff April 26, 2024

I believe the ticket/pass transfer from Android to Android is for a single IDF Mobilités account holder for use when one eventually changes/upgrades their personal phone (a very common occurrence). 
I would imagine the transfer functionality would be the entire amount of the tickets on the old phone would be transferred to the new phone and only if the two apps are signed into the same IdFM account.
This is just my speculation.  I don't have first hand experience doing a ticket transfer nor know if it's possible to transfer only some tickets.


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