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Hi,I need to travel from Beavious airport to cdg terminal. So far i understood to take sncf train from beavious train station to Creil. I will be purchasing Paris weekly decouverte pass to cover all zones and all 5 rers.  Creil looks like it is out of Zone 5. Can i get down at Creil and use my decouverte pass to use rer d train from creil to Louvres or goussainville.Thanks

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Staff May 21, 2024

The Navigo week pass unfortunately doesn't cover Creil as it is outside Zone 5.  The closest station covered by your Navigo week pass would be Survilliers Fosses.  From there you could take the RER D into Paris covered by your Navigo.
There are Ter trains from Beauvais station to Gare du Nord in Paris costing between 15.20-16.80€, all non-reserved seating (so pre-purchase of tickets is optional, you can buy day-of upon arrival from ticket machines), taking about 1 hour 15 minutes.  This would probably be the easier/faster route to get from Beauvais to CDG by train.  If you took a Beauvais to Creil train, you would still need to descend down to Gare du Nord to catch the RER B up to CDG.
You can find Beauvais-Gare du Nord train times and prices on


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