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Im wondering if anyone can help; 
Me and my partner will be visiting Paris for 4 days in July. Our hotel is a 4 minute walk from Torcy station and we will be flying from CDG airport. We don't want to use a private transfer so we would like to know the best way to use the trains in the 4 days we will be there. 
Our itinerary will be; 
Day1: CDG - go to Torcy - Travel into Paris city
Day2&3: Torcy to Disney and back (which im aware is the A4 line?)
Day4: Torcy - to paris - to CDG (hopefully will have the chance to go into the city).

It looks like on the map we only need to use 2 lines (B3 and A4) and then switch to Metro in city if needs be.. surely its not this simple? 
As we are only visiting CDG/CityCentre/Disney and staying in Torcy; is there a simple ticket to purchase that can allow us to access all stations through the four days? If so what are the prices like? 
Hopefully this will enlighten me on the situation.

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Staff March 13, 2019

If you land on Monday through Thursday midnight, purchase a Navigo Decouverte week pass which will cover your four days of travel on both RER and Metro in the city.  You will buy this card from CDG Airport train stations and is good for everywhere you want to go.  Price of Navigo week pass will be 22,80€ + 5€ for the plastic smart card.
If you land outside of M-Th, you're next best option for a multi-day pass would be Paris Visite 3-day, supplemented by another Paris Visite 1-day pass, which can be purchased and used immediately any day of the week.  Price for Paris Visite pass is 53.75€ each person for the 3-day 5-zone pass, plus 12€ for a 1-day 5-zone pass.
For your trips from Torcy to Paris city center (then use of Metro), yes it is that simple.  RER A from Torcy into a central station such as Chatelet Les Halles, then use of Metro lines wherever you please.


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