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Thank you for the website btw, it really helps a lot.
I have a question regarding my transportation needs.
We will arrive by train(  Rennes-Paris) to Gare Montparnasse on Sunday.
We will stay from Sunday to Friday in Paris.
Outside of Paris we will need to go to Versailles and the ORLY Airport for our return trip.
I'm tempted to go for the Navigo Decourverte (30€+5€for the card) , the only issue is Sunday, the day we arrive we will need (possibly only 1 t+ ticket to reach the hotel).
Do you think it is worth it to do:
Sunday : 1 t+ ticket (Gare Montparnasse -> Hotel)
Monday-Friday : Navigo Decouverte (inner paris + versailles+ orly airport)
Or should I just buy the 10 t+ tickets and then the separate versailles and orly tickets ?
I wanted to run the numbers but its rather confusing.
Thanks in advance :)

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Staff August 22, 2023

I would personally recommend going the 1 Ticket t+ (for Sunday) & Navigo Decouverte week pass for the rest.  It's a much more pleasant experience to use the Navigo card than to purchase/manage/maximize single-use tickets during your stay.  This type of brain work is quite distracting from simply enjoying your time and not worrying about making mistakes during your transportation trips around Paris or how to get the most out of a trip using a single ticket.
For the Paris to Orly trip, note that with a Navigo week pass you'll need to use either Orlybus or Metro 7 + Tram 7 or RER C to Pont de Rungis + Shuttle (Navette) to get to Orly airport.  (The Orlyval train from Antony station along the RER B is not covered by Navigo.)  The simplest/fastest is perhaps Orlybus and what I would normally use that myself.
Hope you have a lovely trip,


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