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Greetings/Bonjour!  Is there an apparent contradiction in advice on the use of t+ tickets for the RER? On the paris-metro-tickets page it is first stated that the t+ can be used on the RER in zones 1-2. The further down it is stated that the use of t+ is strictly limited to Zone 1. Can you please clarify and if there is an error, make the necessary changes. This has been raise on Trip Advisor Paris Forum and so it will receive wide coverage. With thanks. Lloyd Lacey

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Staff May 4, 2019

Hi Lloyd, thanks for the question.
Paris Metro tickets / Ticket t+ are only good for zone 1 when it comes to RER trains.  I've corrected that error on the Paris Metro Tickets page.  Thanks for the heads up.
RER trains that traverse from zone 1 to zone 2, must use Billet Ile-de-France that specify the starting & ending train stations and be priced accordingly.
The odd thing or perhaps confusing about Paris Metro is that it is all a single zone even if some stations are outside zone 1. Chatelet Les Halles to La Défense on Paris Metro line 1 ends in zone 3 and costs one Metro ticket.


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