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Anonymous asked July 8, 2019

Hi Ben,
I would like to know how to use Navigo Easy on a tram line.
I know I have to validate my Navigo Easy by tapping in when I board the tram - But do I also have to tap out when I want to alight?
I would have to take tram line No. 2 from Brimborion to Porte de Versailles. Brimborion is in Zone 3. I don't know what ticket to use since Ticket t+ wouldn't suffice for such a journey?
What should I do or what are my best options? I would highly appreciate your help!
Thank you!

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Staff July 9, 2019

I'm asking RATP about doing a multi-zone trip on Tram using Navigo Easy.  I'll write back once I receive a response.

Staff July 11, 2019

Received a reply from RATP: a 3-zone tram trip still only requires a single ticket according to Luc.  So a single tap from the Navigo Easy card when boarding at Brimborion covers zone 1-3 to Porte de Versailles.


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