Validity of Navigo Weekly Plans purchased online.

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S’il vous plaît. I already have a Carte Navigo Decouverte from a visit in 2019. I'm planning a short visit to Paris next month. Even though I arrive on a Saturday, the weekly fare (rather than two consecutive day passes) would be the most economical for my needs. If I purchase the appropriate weekly pass online, will I be able to activate it on the Saturday of my arrival even though physical sales for that week will have closed on the previous Thursday?  Thank you.

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Staff January 15, 2020

Navigo Decouverte passes cannot be renewed online unfortunately.  Only French-resident, personalized (name & photo embedded) Navigo cards can be renewed at-home using a special card reading/writing device (purchased from Navigo) attached to a personal computer.
So unfortunately there's no way to take advantage of a Navigo Decouverte week pass for the current week when you're arriving after Thursday midnight.


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