We are arriving in Paris for the Olympics by train from Germany on Saturday, July 27 and leaving Saturday, August 10.

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I'm unfortunately still confused about what transport pass is the best for us (2 adults). We have friends in Paris who could purchase passes in advance for us. We also plan on doing some sightseeing outside of Paris.
Thanks for your help!

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Staff March 5, 2024

For August 1 - 10 your best option is the Navigo Monthly pass, but it doesn't cover your 5 days of July 27-31.  For that period the Paris 2024 pass, bought for 5-days at 60€ will be your best option.  I don't have confirmation the Paris 2024 pass can be put onto a Navigo Decouverte card.  It may.  I'm not sure.  But if not you'll have to put it onto either your (Android) mobile phone or a Navigo Easy card (2€).
If you use iPhone and need a physical Navigo Découverte card, then do ask your Parisien friends to purchase the plastic card for you prior to July 20, but without any subscription.  They or you can then buy the Navigo monthly subscription on the Découverte card on July 20 or afterward in order to cover August 1 - 10.


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