Weekend Day Pass for Youth + Tips to stay safe?

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Hi, may I know if the weekend day pass for youth can be used to get to Paris city Center from CDG airport? I’m reaching Paris on Sunday morning and I planned to get the Navigo week pass, but since I can only use it from Monday onwards, I’m thinking if I should get a weekend day pass?
Also, I’m a Chinese female travelling alone and I need to take trains at the East and North train stations (carrying a small sized luggage). I heard that it’s quite dangerous around that area, any tips to stay safe?

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Staff January 23, 2020

The Ticket Jeunes Weekend paper ticket is no longer sold as a paper ticket and must be put on a Navigo card or Navigo Easy card, as of December 20, 2019.
The RATP may have changed the coverage for Airports.  I'm going to ask them and get back to you.  Previously, Ticket Jeunes Weekend did not cover airports by RER B or Orlybus/Roissybus.  But it may do so now.  Anyways, will write back about that.
Re: safety at Gare du Nord.
Don't carry your purse/wallet/passport in any bag.  Have it in your front-pants pocket (where you can constantly have a hand on it) or a hidden travel/money belt worn underneath a jacket or sweater.  Be careful of people distracting you, bumping you or offering to help you buy tickets.  If you're using a backpack wear it on your front if you can or at least don't stand with your back facing foot traffic.  e.g. stand with your backpack against a wall so no one can be directly behind you.  Or if you're at train platform edge, turn around and face towards the platform & people, not the train, so your backpack is practically inaccessible.
While on the train, always have a hand/arm looped into the bag strap or luggage handle so it cannot be moved without you noticing.  One technique thieves use is to distract you, cause your head to face away from your belongings and one of their team will quietly/quickly take your bag while you're not looking over your bags.  Also, try not to sit right next to the train doors.  It's an easier target area.
If you don't get distracted, are not lost staring at your phone & pay attention to the people around you, you should be fine.  Do the starry-eyed wandering after you've checked into your lodging and everything is safely tucked away and you're carrying minimal belongings, i.e. Navigo, some cash, a credit card, phone.

Staff January 23, 2020

I've heard back from the RATP.  The Navigo Ticket Jeunes now does indeed cover RER B from CDG to Paris, as well as Roissybus.  It's a great value ticket for those under 26.


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