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Hi, we arrived in Paris on 12th December and was advised by the supporting staff and the customer service officer at the counter to purchase a weekly pass as we were to stay 4 days in Paris. We had to go through the trouble of getting photographs for the pass as well.
The first train we got in from the airport to go to our booked residence at Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the train suddenly stopped halfway and the all the train services were abandoned. We couldn't get a connection train or a bus with the luggages. Therefore we had to get a cab, costing us 30 euros. Even the next day same thing happened, we took a bus to the train station and trains were not working.
I do understand it was a workers action but we were mislead by the customer services officers, knowing there was a industrial action going on and still wanted us to buy the pass. 4 passes cost us over 300 euros. 
Therefore I demand an refund from Navigo and a reply for this email.
Don Galagedara
Mob: +61432897617

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Staff January 13, 2020

Hi Don,
You can contact the city train authority for help:


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