Were to purchase the Paris visite pass at the Charles de Gaulle airport?

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I`m going to visit in Paris at May and I would like to purchase the Paris Visite pass to myself and my son (11yrs). I find the prices for the pass (1-5 zones / 5 days) from your sites, but were I can purchase the card? We would like to use it straight when we arrive to airport (Charles de Gaulle) and travel to the hotel in downtown.
Where we can purchase the passes with these prices which you have in your sites from the Charles de Gaulle airport?
I do find the tourist office sites and theirs offices details, but the prices are higher than mentioned in your sites.
I´m looking forward your reply, have a nice week!
Regards from sunny Finland
-Sari Lehtonen

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Staff May 4, 2019

Hei Sari,
I have two articles on CDG Airport train stations, one for CDG Terminal 1/3 to Paris and another for CDG Terminal 2 to Paris
In these articles are photos of the ticket offices (and ticket vending machines) where you can buy Paris Visite tickets
You can also use the ticket vending machines inside the airport train stations (but don't use the TGV ticket machines if you are in Terminal 2 train station, those machines will not sell Paris Visite, but the other machines are OK).
I would not recommend buying tickets from the tourist office site as their prices are higher and it is not convenient to get the tickets.  Buying tickets at the airport is much better I think.
Have a good trip!


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