What is the best ticket to buy if I want to do a citytrip through Paris for 3 days?

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Anonymous asked May 29, 2016

I want to see all the highlights of the Paris in 3 day's time and need to move to the Eiffel tour, Pantheon and so on... I will also stay near a metro station. I would like to move from there to wherever I want to be in Paris. What kind of ticket can I buy for 3 day's in order to move around cheaper than buying a new ticket every time I need to go somewhere? I am not going to Disneyland and the ticket doesn't have to include that.

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Staff May 31, 2016

A 1-3 zone Paris Visite 3 day ticket will be the cheapest most convenient ticket for 3 days of visiting central Paris without needing to travel to Disneyland Paris nor Versailles, etc.
This ticket can be purchased from any ticket vending machine or Metro/RER ticket window.
Keep in mind that validity of the Paris Visite ticket starts upon first usage (not when you purchase it).  If you start using the Paris visite at 8pm, that will still count as a full day of usage and day 2 of the ticket will start at midnight.  Paris Visite validity is not 72 continuous hours.


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