What is the differenc between a Paris Visite Pass and a Pass Navigo

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It appears my best option for traveling during my 5 day stay in Paris is to purchase a 5 day Paris Visite Pass for 1-5 Zones +CDG.  I believe this will allow me to travel from the airport into Paris, allow me on the RER and Metro trains during my stay and then to go back to the airport.   However, in your write up on travel directions from Terminal 1 to Paris, it only mentions you can buy Pass Navigo - it doesn\'t say anything about Visite Pass.  Can you buy Visite Pass before entering the RUR and use that throughout my 5 day stay?

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Staff November 2, 2016

Yes you can buy Paris Visite Pass at CDG Airport.
The difference is that Navigo is week-long (or month-long) and is cheaper, but is strictly Monday to Sunday so depending on your arrival day / when you need to use the Metro/RER, Paris Visite may be better.


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