what is the difference between navigo and paris visit pass card?

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I am coming on 4th of march and would like to have a pass for 2days until sunday evening and which way to have transportation so that i can move freely around central paris and disneyland?And i am confused between navigo and paris visit pass card ?

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Staff March 4, 2016

Navigo pass is for all zones (1-5) which includes Paris CDG / Orly airports and Paris Disneyland and lasts for a minimum of 1 week, starting Monday, ending Sunday.
Paris Visite is a multi-use ticket good for either 1, 2, 3, or 5 days.  You choose between zones 1-3 or zones 1-5 coverage.
If you want to freely move around Paris for 2 days, the Paris Visite ticket of 2 days and 5 zones is your best choice.


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