what is ticket should I purchase ?

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  1. I will arrive Orly on Saturday, May I know what type of ticket I need to buy as i would like to stop at Charles De Gaulle - Etoile .  How much is total fare ?
  2. I will stay in Paris until Wednesday morning, may I know what type of ticket shall I purchase ?  A package of 10 tickets, a carnet [“car-nay”] costs 14.50€  or pass ?
  3. If i buy 10 tickets, can use for Metro + RER together ? Is cover  Palace of Versailles 

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Staff December 6, 2016

A Paris Visite 5-zone 5-day ticket will be the easiest, although most expensive option.  The cheapest option will be Ticket t+, a carnet (or more).  With Ticket t+ you will need to take the Tram 7 from Orly as that is the only public transportation that allows use of Ticket t+ from Orly airport.
Ticket t+ cannot be used to get to Versailles in zone 4.  You will need to purchase a Billet Origine-Destination


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