What Metro Ticket to Purchase?

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My wife and I will arrive in Paris on a Thursday this Spring.  Staying at Hotel Pont Royal.  We will leave the following Tuesday.  We want to move about the city. We do not need to use the train for airport, or trips outside the city.   What is the best Metro ticket for us and how/where to purchase?
Thank you very much.
Michael Kearns

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Staff February 18, 2020

Hi Michael,
If you won't be making more than 4+ trips on Metro/Bus/RER per day within the city, then a Navigo Easy loaded with a carnet of tickets (i.e. 10 tickets) would be the cheapest / most convenient option.  Reload the Navigo Easy as needed if you run out.  You can see the remaining tickets on your card on the Navigo card readers on buses / trams, on newer turnstiles/gates at Metro/RER stations or at any ticket vending machine using the Navigo card reader.
If you will be making 4+ trips per day on transit, then a Navigo Decouverte week pass from Thur-Sunday then Navigo Jour day pass 1-2 zone for Monday and possibly Tuesday depending on your departure time (and whether it will be worth it for a day pass or not on Tuesday).
You can purchase a Navigo Easy at any ticket window at Metro/RER stations or Ile-de-France ticket windows in major train stations around Paris (e.g. Gare du Nord, Gare Montparnasse, etc.).


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