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Anonymous asked May 9, 2019

Hi, I will be travel to Paris, will stay from Wednesday to Saturday. We plan to buy navigo week pass and use it from CDG airport to downtown and from downtown to CDG airport when we back. We will be reach on Wednesday afternoon. Will we be eligible to purchase navigo week pass? Or we need to purchase other card? Can we purchase the pass in CDG airport? Where to purchase? ThanksĀ 

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Staff May 9, 2019

You can buy Navigo week pass on Wednesday and use until Sunday midnight.
You can buy Navigo week pass in CDG Airport, at both Terminal 1/3 train station and Terminal 2 train station, from the ticket offices inside the train stations.
See the CDG Airport to Paris article for links to photos of train station ticket offices where you can buy Navigo passes.


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