What to do when Navigo Decouverte expires?

By | March 28, 2017 | in

My daughter and I were in Paris last week and when we reloaded our NDs at a machine at CDG, she got a message that her card (originally purchased January 2009) would expire in July 2017. Is there some way to renew the card, or must she buy a new one?We can\'t find this info at any of the RATP/transilien websites.Thanks for a very useful and informative website.

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Staff March 30, 2017

I wasn't aware of an expiry either.  Although the cards themselves have changed format.  I'm guessing they're phasing out the old cards to allow them to retire the old technology and readers at turnstiles/gates.
I've asked the RATP staff about this.  I'll report back.


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