Wheelchair accessible travel Paris Gare du Nord, Versailles, Rolland Garros

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  • I use a powered wheelchair.  I have been finding conflicting information about accessible stations/transport.
  • Firstly I need to get from Gare du Nord to Camping Huttopia near Versailles on Monday 5th June.  
  • Then I will be going from Camping Huttopia to Roland Garros each day from Tuesday to Saturday.

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Staff April 27, 2023

Unfortunately the neither the RER B nor RER C nor Metro 9 lines are not wheelchair accessible.  These are the lines normally used for Gare du Nord to Versailles/Huttopia & Roland Garros. But there are bus itineraries that are all wheelchair accessible, requiring some transfers.
For Gare du Nord to Huttopia Versailles this itinerary of bus 39, Tram 2, bus 171 requiring two Metro tickets, will work. (Metro tickets are formally known as Ticket t+, purchased from a ticket agent or ticket machine, but not purchased aboard a bus; bus-bought tickets do not include transfers).  You'll use the first ticket for bus 39 & transfer to Tram 2 using the same ticket.  Then you'll use another ticket for bus 171, which is in further zone, zone 3, thus requiring a fresh ticket.  Or if you're going with a Navigo Week pass, then you can ignore all this information regarding tickets.  And considering your itinerary is Monday thru Saturday, that's a perfect timeline for using Navigo week pass.
These buses will be kneeling buses with extending ramps on the rear door to allow access for wheelchairs.  There will also be wheelchair reserved areas on the bus where you can park yourself.  And there are ticket validation machines near wheelchair reserved seating area so you can insert/retrieve your ticket without needing to move around the bus.  (The validation machine right at the door is for Navigo cards.  If you're using paper tickets, it's a separate more boxy, taller machine with a ticket insertion hole.  In this photo, you can see both.)
Navigo vs. paper ticket validation machines
See this PDF on wheelchair usage on Paris buses , pages 10-13 in particular. (In French, but Google Translate can help.)
So for Huttopia Versailles to Roland Garros you'll be taking bus 171, then 467, then 52, all of which are wheelchair accessible and can be done with a single Metro ticket / Ticket t+.
That google maps itineraries linked above will provide the details about directions and timing for each step.


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