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Hi Ben! I hope you can help me find a particular metro station. I believe it is by the Eiffel Tower. I saw it once 25 years ago and can't remember which one it is. It has a very long flight of stairs up to the top where the actual station is. It is between two apartments buildings, high above street level. Any idea? I thought it was Passy, but from the photos I can find on line, it does not look like it.
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Staff June 20, 2023

My guess is it could be one of the Metro line 6 stations close to the Eiffel Tower so Bir-Hakeim, Dupleix, La Motte Piquet Grenelle or Cambronne.  All of these stations have long sets of stairs up to near apartment top level since the Metro line is above ground following Blvd de Grenelle.


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