Which ticket should I buy?

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Hey, me and my girlfriend are visiting Paris at 11.12 to 16.12 . We want to take the train from CDG to central Paris on arrival and when we are getting back to the airport when trip is done. We will probably use the metro a lot and we will visit the Disney land for a day.
What would be the cheapest and most effective ticket to buy and where to buy it? thank you very much it means a lot :).

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Staff December 3, 2021

For arrival at CDG to Paris on Saturday, I'd say just each grab a Navigo Easy card with single use RER B ticket into the city + however many Metro tickets (Ticket t+) you'd like to cover you for Saturday/Sunday.  At the same time, also buy a Navigo Decouverte with a week pass (which is a separate plastic smart card) to cover you for Monday-Thur, covering you for Disney & back to CDG.
You can buy Navigo Decouverte and Navigo Easy cards at CDG Airport T1/T3 train station ticket windows or CDG Airport Terminal 2 train station ticket office.


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