Which ticket should i buy, travelling with young children

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I will be staying in Paris from wednesday afternoon till friday morning. The appartment is located in Garges de Sarcelles. I dont know which zone that is.
So 2 adults and 3 children between the age of 5 and 10years.
Should i buy daypas for the adults and single tickets for the children. Or buy navigo easy card. Of another tip?
Thanks for the help

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Staff September 24, 2023

Garges Sarcelles is in Zone 4 and is along the RER D line that travels into the heart of Paris stopping at Chatelet les Halles station.
Unfortunately there's no simple ticket/pass solution besides Navigo weekly pass for this location.  Navigo Easy, could be used for travel when you're inside central Paris, but not out to Garges Sarcelles as Navigo Easy doesn't work with RER tickets, only Metro tickets.  And Garges Sarcelles station isn't served by Metro (it's further north than the Metro network and is only accessible by RER D or possibly buses).
So your choices are:

  1. Navigo weekly for everyone, including kids, at roughly 30€ each. This covers everthing.
  2. Individual RER & Metro tickets.  I'm assuming you'll make 5 one-way trips between Garges Sarcelles & Chatelet les Halles to get into/out of central Paris between Wednesday & Friday morning.  Each ticket costs 4.05€ so x 5 = 20.25€ for each adult.  Buying a booklet of 10 tickets will save about 20% so say 16€ in total for 2 adults.  The kids can get discount RER tickets so half-price, 2.02€ x 15 = 30.30€ in total for 3 kids.  Since it's not an even 10 tickets for the kids you can get 1 booklet of 10 tickets + 5 extra single tickets.

Option 2 only gets you in & out of central Paris by RER D train (and any immediate transfer on Metro or RER you wish to make from inside Chatelet les Halles station).  Any other bus/Metro/RER travel while around Paris you'd have to use a new / separate Ticket t+.  You'd have to buy either individual Metro tickets or a Navigo Easy pass and use Metro tickets on the pass.  But keep in mind the Navigo Easy pass is non-transferrable.  Each person would have to have their own pass.  Each pass is 2€ for the plastic card itself, plus however many Metro tickets you add to it.
So depending on how much you plan on taking bus/Metro/RER inside of Paris you could manage with individual paper tickets or buy a Navigo Easy and place the tickets on those cards so you won't have to manage single tickets.
Or you could avoid all of the single ticket handling and just go with Navigo week pass for everyone and not think about any of this.
Hope this helps.


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