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CDG Airport Terminal 2 to Paris

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CDG Airport Terminal 2 Train Station Atrium

CDG Airport Terminal 2 Train Station Atrium

This is a step-by-step photo guide of taking RER B Paris city trains from CDG Airport Terminal 2 to Paris city centre. From the CDG arrivals lounge to central Paris, I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to make this transfer. If you’re arriving at Terminal 1, see the CDG Terminal 1 to Paris photo guide.

For train times, train ticket prices, maps and other details see the Overview CDG to Paris by Train article.

Safety/Security: Thieves work on this train!

Arrival at CDG

Upon arrival at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2 the first thing that will happen after exiting the plane is immigration/passport control, which can be very quick depending on where you are sitting on the plane.  If you’re seated near the front of the plane and are the first to exit, you’ll be the first to go through immigration screening by French national police.  You could be past immigration within 5 minutes (or 40 if you’re the last to exit a large plane).

Next you’ll collect your baggage at the carousels.  Estimate a good 30 minutes for this.  Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of expediency, perhaps even a little slow.

Customs control for baggage is next, which is separate from passport control and handled by customs officers near the exit of the baggage collection area.  In general the customs officers spot check passengers and only stop those who (rarely) rouse their curiosity.  After this you’ll exit into an unsecured area of Charles de Gaulle Airport free to make your way to Paris or other cities via train.

If you happen to be arriving via Terminal 2G, the new Schengen (Euro Borderless Zone) terminal, you’ll need to take a shuttle bus to Terminal 2E/F in order to catch the RER train.  The shuttle buses, circulating every 4-5 minutes, can be found just outside the arrivals area of 2G.  [Thanks to Lynne P. for this updated information].
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How to Get to the Train Station at CDG Terminal 2

Immediately upon exiting the baggage collection area doors of any CDG Terminal 2 sub-terminal (T2A through T2G), you’ll see the sign below providing directions to CDG Ground Transportation options.

I’ve circled in red on the right side Gare SNCF / Railway Station and also Paris par Train / Paris by Train.  Follow these two signs to get to the trains from CDG Airport Terminal 2 to Paris.

CDG Airport Terminal 2 Arrivals Area Sign

CDG Airport Terminal 2 Arrivals Area Sign

The CDG Terminal 2 arrivals area hall will look like this:

Notice the blue overhead signs? Those will point to Gare SNCF / Railway Station, Paris par Train / Paris by Train. Follow these signs to make your way to the train station located right within Terminal 2.

Here are some close-up photos of signs pointing to the CDG Terminal 2 train station:

At the end of each of the terminal buildings (there are seven sub-terminals at Terminal 2: terminals 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G) will be a large sign noting how long it will take to reach other terminals and the train station. In this photo, we see that the train station at Terminal 2 is 3 to 5 minutes walk from Terminal 2F.

Here is a map of Charles de Gaulle Airport showing the layout of CDG Terminal 2. Also visible are Terminal 3, Terminal 1 (which has its own train station) and CDGVAL shuttle train between CDG’s 3 terminals and parking structures.

Map CDG Airport

(Courtesy of ADP)

The moving sidewalks between Terminal 2’s sub-terminals definitely speed up walking times:

CDG Moving Sidewalks

CDG Moving Sidewalks

Closer to the train station area you’ll find more signs directing you down to the station.


CDG T2 Paris RER Trains & Grandes Lignes Sign

CDG T2 Paris RER Trains & Grandes Lignes Sign

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Train Station Photos

When you’ve arrived at CDG Terminal 2 train station, you’ll be on Level 4 of an atrium.  In the photo below you can see:

  • Departures information board in the center with vertical curving display
  • CDG information booth the far end, mostly obscured behind the arrivals/departures display board
  • CDG Airport Baggage Storage services (orange color, run by Baggages du Monde) on the left of information booth
  • Escalators down to Paris city trains (RER B) and Grandes Lignes trains (TGV intercity trains)
CDG Airport Terminal 2 Train Station Atrium

CDG Airport Terminal 2 Train Station Atrium

The photo below of CDG Terminal 2 train station was taken one level down from the above photo and shows (from left to right):

  • TGV / Intercity train ticket office (barely visible, just beyond the seating area on left)
  • seating / waiting area for Grandes Lignes / TGV trains departing CDG Airport train station
  • Departures information board (top, center/left)
  • Escalators down to CDG Train ticket offices level
  • Train ticket vending machines, green, yellow and blue.
    • Green train ticket machines: Paris and suburbs city trains (tickets for Paris RER, Paris Metro, Transilien)
    • Yellow train ticket machines: TGV / SNCF and other highspeed/normal speed intercity trains (Thalys, Lyria, Eurostar, ICE, Intercities, Corail, etc.)
    • Blue train ticket machines: same as green machines – RER B tickets, Paris Metro, Versailles, Disneyland, etc.
    • Red machines are food vending machines for snacks and hot & cold drinks
  • Overhead departures video screen showing next RER B trains departing to Paris
  • Paris RER train ticket office at extreme right. Also sells Paris Metro tickets, day tickets, Pass Navigo, Paris Visite
CDG Terminal 2 Train Station Ticket Offices Atrium

CDG Terminal 2 Train Station Ticket Offices Atrium

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Money, Information, Left Luggage – at CDG Terminal 2

A full service HSBC bank is available at CDG T2 train station (barely visible on right side of below photo).  You may wish to withdraw some Euro cash notes from the HSBC bank machine or exchange money from the clerk.  If you have non-smart-chip/PIN-protected credit cards, they generally won’t work with the automated ticket machines.  Thus you’ll need Euro cash to buy your tickets from the ticket office.  The automated train ticket vending machines don’t take Euro cash notes, only coins. There is now a change machine in the CDG Airport train station, accepting 10 & 20 euro notes and producing one/two euro coins. The bill change machine is in the middle of the train ticket machines.

CDG T2 - baggage storage, info booth, bank

CDG T2 – baggage storage, info booth, bank

Closer photo of HSBC bank at CDG Terminal 2 train station.

CDG T2 Train Station Bank

CDG T2 Train Station Bank

CDG Airport left luggage / bag storage services handled by Baggages du Monde.  On level 4 (same level at which you walked here to arrive). Contrary to what some information people are finding on other websites, left luggage services at CDG are open/running/in operation.  They are not closed due to security threats.

CDG T2 Bag Storage

CDG T2 Bag Storage

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Paris Metro/RER Train Tickets CDG Airport Terminal 2

CDG airport train ticket office in Terminal 2 is split into two separate offices on opposite sides of the atrium. Paris Metro / RER tickets and passes for traveling within Paris and the Ile-de-France area (Disneyland Paris, Versailles, etc.) has a sign outside reading Billets Paris et Ile-de-France visible in the photo below.

CDG Airport Train Ticket Office Terminal 2

CDG Airport Train Ticket Office Terminal 2

To buy TGV Train tickets at CDG Airport visit the Grandes Lignes train ticket office on the opposite side of the atrium, across from the Paris et Ile-de-France ticket office. The Grandes Lignes ticket office deals exclusively with TGV train tickets and also other brands of intercity trains (Thalys, Eurostar, ICE, etc.). This includes sale, collection, refunds and changes of train tickets going between cities in France and to other European countries. Trains traveling to other cities within France (or other countries such as Belgium, Germany, England), are known as the Grandes Lignes trains. Popular France destinations include trains to Lyon, Avignon, Marseille, Nice, etc.

To buy single train tickets to Paris you may use a smart chip credit card or Euro coins (not cash notes) with the white colored Tickets et Navigo vending machines to purchase such tickets.  A change machine accepting 10€ and 20€ notes is available on-site to produce 1 and 2 euro coins. Note that you cannot buy the Pass Navigo from these automatic train ticket machines.  You must visit the Paris Ile-de-France ticket office to purchase the Navigo Pass due to the plastic physical card.  (This ticket office is visible two photos above under banner “Billets Paris et Ile-de-France”.)  The Paris Visite multi-day train ticket, you can buy from these ticket machines.

CDG Train Ticket Machine - white

CDG Train Ticket Machine – white

Bear in mind that these machines will not work with credit cards without chip+PIN, still somewhat common in United States circa 2014/2015. Also, do not use the yellow ticket machines for Paris train tickets. The yellow machines are for TGV, Eurostar, Thalys and other intercity trains.
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Paris Train (RER B) Platforms

After buying your train tickets or passes it’s time to turn towards the train platforms which will require descending another set of escalators or stairs onto Level 1. The Paris Train platforms are marked as “Voie” (“platform or lane”) 11 and 12 and also show “RER B Paris par Train“, the Regional Express Network trains that operate between Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and Paris city centre.

CDG T2 RER B Paris Train Entrance Area

CDG T2 RER B Paris Train Entrance Area


CDG T2 RER B Paris Train Entrance Doors

CDG T2 RER B Paris Train Entrance Doors

This is a photo overlooking Paris bound train platforms 11 and 12 at CDG Terminal 2 Station.

On the platform itself you’ll see signs noting that all trains are going to Paris, since Aeroport Charles de Gaulle is the terminus or end-of-line station for the RER B train line.

Note that although the platform sign reads Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 2 TGV, this platform shown is not the TGV train platform, it’s simply the name of this station as a whole.

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Intercity (TGV) Train Platform

The CDG Airport TGV train platform entrance is located immediately left of the Paris Train platforms through a door marked “Porte S” leading to voie (lanes) 3 to 6.  The video screen overhead shows destinations of TGV Trains leaving CDG, train departure time and from which lane (voie).

CDG T2 TGV Train Platform Entrance

CDG T2 TGV Train Platform Entrance

If you’re taking a TGV train to another city besides Paris, the train platform area should look like the following:

If you’re taking the RER B to Paris, remember to keep your train ticket with you at all times throughout the journey.  You may be asked by a ticket controller to show a valid fare or otherwise pay a penalty fare of 35€. The tickets are also required to exit the arrival station in Paris as there will be turnstiles protecting the exits, just as they protect entrances.

Finally, your RER train ticket is also good for connections onto the Paris Metro and other RER train lines once you’ve arrived in Paris given that:

  • your connections are made within 90 minutes (counting from ticket validation time at CDG Train station turnstiles/gates)
  • you don’t leave the confines of Metro/RER stations after arriving in Paris
  • you aren’t transferring onto buses or trams –  your RER train ticket isn’t valid for them. You must purchase a new Metro/Bus/Tram ticket to transfer onto buses & trams.

The first Paris city centre station will be Gare du Nord, requiring about 30 minutes for the voyage from Airport CDG Terminal 2.  Paris stations along the RER B line after Gare du Nord will be Chatelet Les Halles, St. Michel-Notre Dame, Luxembourg, Port Royal, Denfert Rochereau and Cité Universitaire.
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Schedules & Virtual Tour

The following train timetables show departure times of RER B trains leaving CDG Terminal 2 towards Paris and here are instructions on how to read Paris RER Timetables.

RER B Train Schedule (departure times) CDG Terminal 2 to Paris Mondays to Fridays (except holidays)

RER B Train Schedule (departure times) CDG Terminal 2 to Paris Saturday, Sunday and holidays

First & last trains timetable for Paris Metro and RER A / RER B trains. has produced a virtual photo visit of CDG Terminal 2 train station, allowing you to visually see all levels of the train station.  Select the level & vantage point you wish to see on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Finally here’s a video detailing the Facts & Figures about the RER B train line in Paris.
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Buses from CDG Airport to Paris

By | February 1, 2016 | in Airport Attractions Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

Several buses from CDG Airport to Paris city center are available to help avoid stairs and luggage in the Paris Metro & RER trains.

Buses from CDG Airport to Paris

Roissybus, (Paris city bus) makes trips from CDG Airport Terminals 1, 2 or 3 (Roissypole) to central Paris location of Opéra (corner of rue Scribe & rue Auber). Price of Roissybus CDG Airport bus is and unfortunately, no reduced ticket fare for children. ()

Le Bus Direct (formerly Air France coach line) makes trips from CDG Airport Terminals 1, 2 or 3 to central Paris locations of Arc de Triomphe (Charles de Gaulle Etoile), Montparnasse and Gare de Lyon. Cost is upwards of . See ParisByTrain Air France Shuttle article for more information.

Bus 351 (Paris city bus) stops to pick-up/drop off passengers at CDG Terminal 1, in between CDG Terminal 2A & Terminal 2C, in between Terminal 2B-2D, the Terminal 2 TGV train station, and Roissypole (RER B train station).  Cost for Bus 351 from CDG to Paris is three “Ticket t+” Metro tickets at /each or total. Bus 351 route map CDG to east Paris. Note: you can purchase Ticket t+ ahead of time for each from Metro ticket vending machines or ticket windows and save a little bit of money. Ticket t+ purchased directly from bus drivers will cost each.

The Roissybus bus stops at CDG Terminal 1 Door 32 for passenger pick up.  Tickets for the Roissybus Paris Airport Bus can be purchased within the glass enclosed bus stop via the vending machine or from the ticket window (which may or may not be manned at the time of your arrival).  Bus tickets can also be purchased from the driver onboard.  Tickets are each ().  No child fares are available for this method of CDG Airport to Paris transportation.

Roissybus Paris CDG Bus Stop

Here is a line map for the Roissybus at CDG.  On the right you can see which doors (“porte”) this airport bus stops at to pickup passengers at Terminal 1 (Door 32), Terminal 2B & D2 at Door 11, Terminal 2A & 2C at Door 9 and Terminal 2E & 2F all along on the arrivals level road (flag the driver).

Roissybus CDG Airport Bus Line Map

The Roissybus travels from CDG Airport directly to Paris Opéra in the 8th district (arrondissement) close to Galeries Lafayette and Boulevard Haussmann (see photo).Roissybus at Opera It makes no pickups nor dropoffs between CDG and Paris.  First bus departs CDG at 6am. Last Roissy bus departs CDG at 11pm.  First Roissybus depature from Opera in direction of Airport CDG leaves at 5:45am.  Last bus from Opéra to CDG leaves at 11pm.  Passes such as the Pass Navigo Découverte, Pass Navigo, and Paris Visite (5 or 6 zone) are accepted for the Roissybus.  Ticket Mobilis day passes are not accepted.

Le Bus Direct is another bus system using coach type of buses.  Luggage on these buses can be stowed underneath the passenger seating area, as per normal with coach line buses.  Tickets are more expensive for Le Bus Direct, upwards of per person depending on which line you are taking from CDG, either Line 2 or Line 4. Child fares are half the adult price. Tickets should be purchased from the ticket offices out on the terminal roads at the terminal doors specified below. Groups of 4 or more can receive a 15% discount on their tickets.

Le Bus Direct coach bus Line 2 stops at Porte Maillot at Paris’ North West corner and continues on to Arc de Triomphe/Charles de Gaulle Etoile. Le Bus Direct Line 4 stops at Gare de Lyon and continues on to Gare Montparnasse.  These coach buses stop for passenger pickup at Terminal 1 at Door 34 (Porte 34), at Terminal 2B Door 6, 2D Door 6, and 2E Door 3 and 2F Door 3.

Le Bus Direct Coach Line Bus Terminal 1

Le Bus Direct at Door 34 Terminal 1