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Hello,Pleae can I have your recommendations on the best/budget friendly way to get from CDG to Disneyland. We are 8 passengers (4 adults and 4 children (13/10/9/7). If we use the RER system I can not find any pricing ? Is there a direct train from the airport to DisneyLand?Thanks

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Staff October 23, 2017

There are a few options for getting from CDG to Disneyland with a large group.

  • TGV train from CDG Terminal 2 TGV train station direct to Disneyland Paris
  • Taxi
  • Uber from CDG to Disneyland
  • Shuttle Bus
  • RER B + RER A trains

TGV train CDG to Disneyland is the fastest: 13 minutes.  24€ per adult, 13€ per child (roughly 150€ for your group of 4 adults, 4 children).
Taxi (will require 2), about 40 minutes roughly 65€ each (130€)
Uber from CDG to Disneyland, roughly same as Taxi.
Shuttle bus (MagicalShuttle), about 90 minutes, 23€ per adult, 10€ per child under 11, (about 132€ for your group)
RER B + RER A trains, about 80 minutes including switch at Chatelet Les Halles, 17,30€ per adult, 10,65€ per child under 11 (about 112€ for group).
TGV train from CDG to Disneyland is fast and direct although walking to the train station (inside Terminal 2, close to 2E/2D) buying tickets, waiting for the train, getting onboard, stowing luggage, etc. can be more hassle than taxis / Uber.
Ubers and Taxis are usually luxury or very clean/nice vehicles in Paris.  This is likely the most convenient option for large parties.  Taxis will take credit cards.
I can't recommend shuttles (ever really) nor the RER in your particular case as changing RER trains at Chatelet Les Halles will be a bit of a hassle with luggage and children although this particular transfer isn't bad as the RER A and RER B lines are right next to each other at Chatelet Les Halles, requiring only crossing the same platform or at worst, taking one set of escalators up, then another down to get to the correct platform which is literally across the tracks from your arrival platform.


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