Buying Mobilis in Gare du Nord without coins

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I'll be arriving at Gare du Nord (at 10 am on a Tuesday, so I'm not concerned about staffing being a problem) and want to get some Mobilis passes there before I head to my hotel (I prefer to do it ahead of time, and my hotel is near an out-of-the-way Métro station that likely won't be staffed as well as Gare du Nord). I'll have cash on hand, but not coins, and I don't trust that my credit card will work. So I have a few questions about how I might handle this.

  • Is there a window at Gare du Nord where I can buy Mobilis with cash, and if so, where? (For instance, can I get them at the IDF ticket windows at the RER station there?)
  • Is there a change machine or some other facility where I can exchange about 80 Euros worth of notes for coins?
  • Are there machines that sell Mobilis that accept banknotes?

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Staff August 20, 2018

Yes you can purchase Ticket Mobilis at the RER or Metro or Transilien (serving Ile de France) ticket windows within Gare du Nord.
You can exchange Euro notes at the Consignes / train station Baggage Storage at Gare du Nord.  There's a change machine inside.  On occasion it's out of coins so not guaranteed.
If you're buying plenty of Mobilis day tickets, I honestly think using the ticket window is the least painful method.  If you're worried about language barrier, just write it down your order on a piece of paper, show that to the clerk and it'll be fine.


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