can i buy a navigo decouvte pass at the gare du nord eurostar station. on a sunday after 5pm?

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hi...we get to the eurostar gare du nord station on sunday, july 9th at 4pm from London. do they have a office there in the eurostar station, so we can purchase the navigo decouverte pass. if so, what time does the office close? thanks, jim davis 

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Staff March 5, 2023

You'll arrive at Gare du Nord and there will be several ticket kiosks from which you can purchase a Navigo Decouverte card & week pass.  The ticket window I'd recommend is the Transilien ticket window, which would likely have the most agents working at it and they are more likely to have more cards on hand (as it is possible for ticket agents to run out).  You'll have plenty of time to purchase the Navigo cards with a 6pm arrival at Gare du Nord.  The ticket windows won't close till around 11pm.
The two other ticket windows would be for the Paris Metro and the Paris RER.


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