Can I buy a Navigo Easy Pass from London

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Anonymous asked July 7, 2024

Hi there
We're coming to Paris for the paralympics in August as a family of 4
3 of us have the IDF app on our phones and have bought T+ tickets at the €2.15 price.
My son has an iPhone 8 which won't run the IDF app.

Can I buy my son a Navigo Easy Pass from London and add T+ tickets before the prices increase?

Many thanks for your help

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Staff July 7, 2024

Hi Gareth,
This is a good question.  I'm not aware of any official outlet or resellers of Navigo Easy card in London, but I haven't done much research in that area.
I've got a few ideas/avenues you could investigate.
It seems like Transport Public Paris 2024 app (it's an official Paris Transport app, made especially for the 2024 Olympics, by the same IDF group) also sells Ticket t+ and apparently supports down to Apple iOS 15+ (according to the app page) and iPhone 8 supports up to iOS 16.  I just checked and this app appears strikingly similar to the IDF Mobilites app with different colors and some Olympics related pages and does sell Ticket t+ booklets.  Perhaps this version of the app can be installed & works on your son's iPhone 8?
Failing that... Would any friends of yours/your son have an old Android phone your son could borrow for the trip?  The requirements for Android running the IDF app seem less demanding and many older phones, especially Samsung, seem supported (Nexus/Pixel phones being the exception, weirdly).
The only way I know of to get a Navigo Easy card delivered to you from an official source would be through buying a Paris 2024 Pass (which is put onto a Navigo Easy card) directly from Ile-de-France Mobilités website, but this would at minimum cost you 16€ (for 1-day Paris 2024 Pass) + delivery fee (perhaps 2-3€).  That would seem to defeat the purpose though.  If you happen to be staying for 7 days then total coverage cost of a 7-day Paris 2024 Pass would drop to 10€/day which would be a touch cheaper than using 5 (regular priced) Ticket t+ per day.
Those are the 3 potential solutions I can think of off the top of my head.
Final note: If none of the above work and your visit happens to include a Saturday or Sunday, and your son is less than 26, then he can use a youth weekend day pass for the Saturday and again on Sunday.  This youth day pass is unaffected by the Olympics.  The official name of the fare is "Navigo Jeunes Week-end", costs 4.70€ for a zone 1-3 day pass, or 10.35€ for 1-5 zone day pass.  It can be put onto a Navigo Easy card or any of the Paris transport mobile apps, up to 6 days in advance of the day of use.  Up to 2 of the youth day passes can be purchased/loaded at one time.
Hope one of these avenues work for your son.  Have a good visit.


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