Can I purchase the Paris 2024 Pass at CDG Airport?

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I am planning to come to the Olympics in Paris and want to purchase the Paris 2024 Pass. I have a few questions:

  1. Can I purchase that Paris 2024 Pass at the CDG Airport when I land?
  2. Can I purchase it using an App even if I do not have yet a transportation card?
  3. If both the above options are not possible, I am trying to avoid paying the delivery fee for 4 tickets to my home in the USA. If I order it online and have all 4 of them delivered at the same time, do I get charged 4 delivery fees or just one?

Awaiting to hear back from you soonest. Thank you.

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Staff June 13, 2024
  1. Yes, you can purchase the Paris 2024 Pass in person upon landing at CDG Airport train stations.  The ticketing staff at the airport train stations can help you purchase the Paris 2024 Pass on Navigo Easy cards.
  2. Yes, you can purchase the Paris 2024 Pass, for personal, single-person use (i.e. the phone's principal user) on the phone itself, without needing a physical plastic smart card like the Navigo Easy.  You can do this from a Paris transport mobile phone app such as IDF Mobilités as long as your phone is supported.
  3. If you decide to go with the home delivery of the Paris 2024 Pass, you would only be charged for one delivery fee for the one (of four or any number individual passes).  They'll bundle all the passes you buy into a single envelope for delivery.

Have a good Paris Olympics visit.


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