Can I use the Paris 2024 Pass and t+ticket together during the Olympics?

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Anonymous asked July 7, 2024

I'm planning to visit Paris during the Olympics.
I want to charge my Navigo with a Carnet 10 t +ticket and 1day Paris 2024 pass. Can I use these tickets together on Navigo?
If they can be used together, can I choose which one to use within Navigo?
Or will the Paris 2024 Pass be used first?

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Staff July 7, 2024

Hi, if you're meaning your Navigo Easy card (and not the Navigo Découverte card), yes you can have both Ticket t+ and the Paris 2024 Pass loaded onto a Navigo Easy card at the same time.  The Paris 2024 Pass will only be active and usable between July 20 - Sept 8, 2024.  Before July 20 and after Sept 8, any Ticket t+ loaded onto your Navigo Easy will be usable as if there was no Paris 2024 Pass on it.  Once July 20 arrives, the Paris 2024 Pass on Navigo Easy would be the first to be validated & take precedence over any Ticket t+ stored on the Navigo card. (We can't choose unfortunately, Paris 2024 Pass automatically gets precedence.)  And this works the same if you were using the Paris transport mobile phone apps like Ile-de-France Mobilités or Bonjour RATP to hold Ticket t+ and Paris 2024 Pass.  Same with Apple Wallet Paris transit card holding both Paris 2024 Pass and Ticket t+.
The Navigo Découverte card cannot hold the Paris 2024 Pass, nor any Ticket t+. Only Navigo Day, Week, Month passes can be loaded onto Navigo Découverte (plus Navigo youth weekend day passes).


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