Do you need cell service in order to use the Navigo Pass (or Paris 2024 pass) on your iphone?

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Anonymous asked July 3, 2024

I am traveling to Paris for the Olympics from the US. I typically do not pay for cell-phone service while in Europe, as I opt to disconnect and use wifi in the evenings to check in with family. I am excited to see that you can now buy Paris metro passes and validate them using an iPhone. Will I need cell service on my phone to validate my ticket, or if I buy it now will my ticket work with my phone on airplane mode while in Paris?

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Staff July 3, 2024

You won't need cell/mobile connection nor data to use/validate Paris Metro passes on iPhone after they have been purchased and stored on your iPhone/Apple Wallet.  Your phone will communicate with the turnstile/gate fare reader using NFC technology that is like an ultra-short distance radio (1.6" max) that is always active.  The same tech is used for doing Apple Pay at your local grocery store registers and you can do that while you're in airplane mode/WiFi off.
You should be able to buy your tickets or passes using Apple Wallet right now from home and will be able to use those once you land.  (Not the Navigo Day Passes, as those are active immediately after purchase, but all the other tickets/passes only activate when you first validate them in Paris, so are safe to buy anytime.)
Have a great trip.


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