General strike 5th December 2019.

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I have bought 2 airplane tickets for Paris, arriving on 5th December, leaving on the 9th, and I read online that there's a massive strike of public services such as railroads, TGV, Airline workers, metro ,RER, etc. planned for 5th December, and that the railroads will commence the strike on 4th of December at 22pm. Does anyone know anything about it, and should I be worried? It's not my first time in Paris, but I like to use public transport, I'm just afraid of crowds and disorders.

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Staff November 28, 2019

There's currently plans for wide ranging strikes in Paris starting December 5, 2019 that will affect RER B train services to/from CDG Airport to Paris.
I've posted some alternate ways to get from CDG to Paris during the strike on the Paris train disruptions page.  I'll also keep this disruptions page updated with changes in the status of the planned Metro/RER/Train strike and their impact on train services across Paris.
If you're traveling alone then Le Bus Direct would be the lowest cost alternative to RER train at 18€ one-way into Paris (19€ if ticket is not pre-purchased online).  And Le Bus Direct wouldn't be affected by the strike, except for heavier than normal road traffic due to more cars on the road with less trains running.


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