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We have a small group traveling on Eurostar from Paris to London. Is there help at the entrance to assist with checking baggage? Or do we need to bring our luggage to the Eurostar counter. I’m told the check in is on the 2nd floor and there is stairs and an escalator. We may need assistance.

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Staff August 13, 2019

There is border security / baggage scanning required to check-in to Eurostar at Gare du Nord to London, since England is not within Shengen so each person will need to bring their own baggage / passport / ticket with them when checking in to Eurostar on the upper walkway.  It's similar to how airport security checks work although there is no body-scanning of metal like at airports, just luggage scanning. 
Normally luggage is purely handled by the owners and brought onto the trains by the owners, similar to carry-on baggage for airplanes, but is done with all baggage for Eurostar.
You can request assistance from Eurostar staff at Gare du Nord if the bags in question are less than 15Kg in weight (not more than).  Or you can also pay for baggage delivery to final destination as a service from a partner of Eurostar (EuroDespatch).  See details here:


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