How to get my 7 day Ile de France Mobiles pass to work in my iPhone Apple wallet?

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Anonymous asked July 6, 2024

Hi. I am in Paris now with my family. We purchased the Ile de France Mobiles 7 day pass via Apple Pay in our Apple Wallet on our iPhones. However, when we arrived into Gare du Nord yesterday the validating machines would not accept our iPhone passes and allow us to enter the metro system. What have we done wrong and how do we fix it? Is there a physical place we could go to for help? The information desk at Gare du Nord had no idea. Many thanks 🙏

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Staff July 6, 2024

Unfortunately the Paris 2024 Pass is only valid during the Olympics between July 20 and Sept 8.  That pass isn't usable until those dates.  The city is replacing the Navigo week pass during that period with the Paris 2024 Pass and it's being sold now as they are loading the Paris 2024 Pass onto Navigo Easy smart cards and delivering them via post all around the world.
It's very confusing that they've made the Paris 2024 Pass available on Apple Wallet now when there's no indication inside Apple Wallet that it's not usable until the start of the Olympics.  Gah, that's unfortunate.
I'm not sure who's most able to rectify this situation for you but my first guess would be Navigo Service counters (see this page for more info).  They may not be able to help since this is an Apple transaction and not a sale performed by Ile-de-France transit authorities inside their own mobile app.  If that's the case, then Apple Support I would guess is the first place to check.


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