Navigo Decouverte at Orly

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Hi there!Congrats about the site! Just a question. I will be arriving on a Thursday late, at about 22:30 at Orly 3 and I will be staying till Sunday. As I want to take advantage of the navigo decouverte week pass BEFORE Thursday midnight, where can I buy the Navigo Decouverte card at Orly? Please, let me know as i have searched a lot and I can't figure it out, given that the tourist information office closes at 20:30 :-(

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Staff January 23, 2020

You can buy Navigo Decouverte from the Orlybus ticket window at Orly 4, the only place where you can buy Navigo at Orly and also the only place to catch Orlybus to Paris.  (Orlybus doesn't pick up passengers at Orly 1, 2, 3).

Staff January 23, 2020

Also, forgot to mention, last Orlybus from Orly to Paris departs Orly 4 bus station at 00:30 (12:30 a.m.)


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