Navigo Découverte Travel Card – Online Top Up

By | December 13, 2023 | in

I visited Paris this summer. I am looking to come back next year.
I purchased the Navigo Découverte Travel Card whilst I was there.
Can I simply top up the card next year by purchasing a weekly ticket on the IDF app on my Iphone?
I am looking to avoid having to go to the ticket office at CDG as the queues were quite long.
I would appreciate any information or guidance on how I can top up my card for my future visits.

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Staff December 13, 2023

Yes, you should be able to recharge your plastic Navigo Découverte card using your iPhone / Android smartphone and one of the official Paris transit apps.  You can also renew your Navigo pass before you depart/arrive since the validity period of the Navigo weekly pass is strictly Monday-Sunday (up to 3 days in advance, keeping in mind that you're buying this week's Navigo if you buy before Thursday midnight, or next week's Navigo from Friday onward).


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