Navigo one day pass or Paris Visite 1 day pass?

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I will arrive at Paris on 20/4/24 (Saturday) and will be at Paris till 28/4/24 (Sunday). I plan to buy a Navigo Weekly pass for ( 22/4/24 [Monday] - 28/4/24 [Sunday] ). What are the best options for 21/4/24 [Sunday]? Should I buy a Navigo Day Pass or a Paris Visite 1 Day Pass? 
Looking forward to hearing from you .

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Staff November 7, 2023

Hi TH,
I would strongly advise on a Navigo Day Pass for Sunday April 21 (with whatever zone coverage you need, 1-2 for just central Paris all the way up to 1-5 for Disneyland/Fontainebleau). 
You can buy the Navigo Day Pass (specifying Sunday as the active day, and) at the same time you purchase the Navigo week pass, putting them on the same card or same Android phone Navigo app.  This would give you uninterrupted coverage from Sunday onwards since the Navigo Day pass coverage ends at midnight Sunday and the Navigo Week pass begins at 00:00 Monday. (Navigo Day pass coverage will begin just after the stroke of midnight Saturday night i.e. Sunday 00:00:01.)


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