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Anonymous asked June 8, 2022

Hi, I would like to confirm if we will travel from Orly airport to Paris, does the Navigo weekly pass: 22.80€ per week including the public transportation of Tramway T7, RER B, and OrlyVal?
If yes, could we buy the Navigo weekly pass in any Tramway T7, RER B, or OrlyVal stations? 
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Staff June 8, 2022

A Navigo week pass will cover Tramway T7 from Orly to Paris.  It will also cover RER B train from Antony station to Paris, but note, the Orlyval train from Orly Airport to Antony station is not covered by Navigo.
A Navigo pass can be purchased at the Orlybus ticket booth in the bus loop area at Orly airport (outside of Terminal 4).
At most RER B train stations where there is an open ticket window you can also purchase a Navigo week pass (so long as they have blank Navigo cards in stock; They do run out from time to time).
At most tram stations it is not possible to purchase Navigo passes as there is no manned ticket booth (there are only automated ticket vending machines).  Only the terminus stations at either end of tram lines usually have a manned ticket booth.
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