One day travel from CDG to Central Paris to Orly Airport

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Anonymous asked May 31, 2023

Hi Ben, we needed to travel from CDG airport in the morning to Central Paris, thereafter travel to Orly Airport in the evening. Which would be the best option - the Navigo Jour day pass? And which zones?

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Staff June 1, 2023

A Ticket Mobilis 1-5 zone is the same transport method coverage as a Navigo Day Pass / Navigo Jour but in the form of a multi-use paper ticket and covers CDG by RER B train and by Roissybus to Paris, to Orly Airport (on Orlybus or Metro 7+Tram7, but not Orlyval) and everything in between.  Ticket Mobilis price is 20.10€ and eliminates the need for the plastic card purchase of a Navigo Decouverte or a Navigo Easy.
If you prefer the plastic card format & tapping (rather than inserting tickets into turnstiles/readers) then Navigo Easy (2€) can hold a Navigo Day Pass (20.10€).  This saves you from needing a headshot photo and filling out the paper name card that accompanies the Navigo Decouverte card and is a bit cheaper (2€ vs. 5€).  (Navigo Easy cards don't need a photo nor name.)
For Navigo Day Pass you'll need to choose the regular/default zone coverage of 1-5 zones in order to cover CDG (which is in zone 5).


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